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Carine Leblanc

A graduate of Université Laval (Quebec City, Canada), Carine Leblanc has over 25 years’ experience of producing for television and the cinema. From AGAT Films & Ex Nihilo, for whom she worked for over 10 years, to Téléma, Télé Images, Ciné Valse, Gaumont, Pyramid, and Cargo Films, she has been involved in all forms of artistic production (documentaries, feature films, animated films, games, commercials, magazine programmes, live recordings, concerts) alongside artists as varied as Cédric Klapisch, Bertrand Blier, Marc Caro, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Mohamed Camara, Christophe Loisillon, Randa Chahal, Franck Guérin, Nikos Papatakis, Denys Arcand, Solveig Anspach, Zaïda Ghorab Volta, Gérard Mordillat, Paul Vecchiali, Charles Pic, Dominique Cazenave and Doug Headline, Matthias Ledoux, Luc Bondy, Jean-Pierre Thorn, Robert Guédiguian, Jean-Christophe Averty, Philippe Truffaut, Pierre Trividic, Jean-Paul Fargier, Michel Jaffrennou, Nam-June Paik, Michael Gaumnitz, ZbignewRybczynski,Jean-LucLéon, Anne Jaffrennou and Marie Cuisset, Anne Feinsilber, Muriel Edelstein, Nathalie Borgers, Arthur H, Bernard Lavilliers, Maceo Parker, etc.

Having run Cargo Films (the production company set up by the filmmaker Jean-Jacques Beineix) for 17 years, she has now teamed up with Marianne Slot to promote and support projects by talented, forthright writer/directors. Dividing her time between Paris and Barcelona, she has established strong links with actors in the production and distribution industries in both France and Spain.